When Should One Upgrade to Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is probably the best choice for small-scale sites that don’t expect much from their web pages. If you plan an upgrade in the future, it’s always better to know when one must switch to Windows VPS. Do you want when the right time for an upgrade is? Read on to find the answer. Also, get tips to find a cheap VPS hosting service provider with a reliable reputation so you can confidently continue your business elsewhere.

No matter how you spin it, deciding whether or not to make the switch to Windows VPS hosting is no easy task. The questions running through your head are keeping you on edge. Do I really need to upgrade? Is this too good to be true? Are there any hidden fees?

Feeling unsure about whether the time is right to take the plunge? Let us ease your concerns. Windows VPS can free your business from the limitations of shared hosting. More power for your website when you need it most with an always-available service that delivers no less than 99.99% uptime. It’s just one case that you can consider for switching. Do you want to know about other scenarios? If yes, check out the reasons listed below to make an informed decision.

5 Reasons Stating that You Should Switch to Windows VPS Hosting

When your site starts doing well, you’ll reach a point where things become crucial. The time has come to be able to do more with your website as far as reach is concerned and additional features. In that case, you might be happy to hear that Windows hosting is the perfect option! Upgrading to Windows VPS hosting offers all the benefits of Linux hosting with added flexibility and control.

1.   When You’re Worried About Your Site’s Security

Web security can be a massive headache. ­­­­­­­­­Security threats come in many forms and can be difficult to stop. You need a technology partner who can keep your site secure from all online threats. Not just from hackers but natural disasters, from malicious attacks on your content, from spam, malware and viruses that could obliterate the authority you’ve worked so hard to build.

You can rest assured that when you choose cheap VPS hosting, you’ll get highly secure SSD drives for more speed and RAM for quicker site loading, scalability and the ability to add more storage space whenever you need it.

2.   When Your Site Starts Handling High Volumes of Data

No one wants shared hosting. The more traffic you have, the slower your site will load. And with a VPS, you’re no longer at the mercy of a shared server with hundreds or thousands of other websites.

Find out how VPS hosting can benefit your business over shared server hosting. You’ve optimized and improved your website and gotten lots of traffic, and now your site needs its server to handle all that traffic and make sure things run smoothly. When you don’t have enough physical servers, you can easily upgrade without upgrading your plan. Windows VPS hosting offers many of the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost. Plus, there are no contracts required—you only pay for what you use.

3.   When Your Site’s Performance is Slow

Do your websites take longer than average to load? A long load time can make you lose profits whether you realize it or not. Many people will click the back button if they see your site doesn’t load fast enough or choose another site.

Switch to Windows VPS hosting today and let our team of experts migrate your site to a faster, more scalable platform that addresses all of your performance concerns. Professional VPS hosting handles more traffic than shared hosting. Scalable servers also guarantee maximum uptime, so your visitors won’t lose patience while waiting to see your pages load.

4.   When Your Business Accepts Online Payments

Running an online store is a great way to make an extra income. But if you’re running your store on a shared hosting plan, your business payment transactions might not be secure or PCI compliant. This means no proper protection for the customers and little to no trust for online businesses facing chargebacks.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and it is good that you found us! Switching to Windows VPS hosting will keep your customers and your company safe and secure. All you need to do is select a reliable service provider that can help you accept payments from all over the world in the most secure manner.

5.   When You’re Willing to Work on Custom Software/Apps

As your business grows, your current hosting environment just doesn’t cut it anymore. The truth is that shared hosting is designed for regular content-based websites and blogs, and it’s not intended to build and deploy enterprise applications. Sometimes, you need to install custom software. It requires a more powerful hosting plan with a larger storage quota, co-location options, and full SSH access over IPv6. It’s not possible with shared hosting.

If you need to run a website on a server where you can install custom software, configure it in whatever way suits your needs, and scale it in a way running a hosting service doesn’t support, then Windows VPS hosting is the right option for you. It gives you system-level access that shared servers don’t have. Controlling all aspects of your code will save you an enormous amount of time and money in the long run.


With Windows VPS hosting, you pay only for the pre-configured virtual private server you need. You get complete control over its configuration. You get priority customer support. And you are free to install whatever software you wish to use on your site without worrying about paying extra. What else do you need? If you want to switch to a Windows VPS host, select a reliable cheap VPS hosting service provider, like Go4hosting, to get affordable hosting services. To know about the package and other details, please feel free to call the experts at 1-888-288-3570.


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